A Post From the Land of the Never-Ending Final

Okay, I’m going to warn you right now. This is the post I’m writing because I don’t have time to write a post.


I’ve had a lot of friends texting me lately to ask if I want to hang out, and when I text them back, usually from the underground dungeon of my campus labs, my reply is something along the lines of: “Can’t. Still working on 3D finals. Send chocolate.”

And they’re like, “What? Finals already?”

Which is when I remember that most normal colleges only have one final per semester.

Mine, unfortunately in this case, is not a normal college.

We don’t have one final. We have two.

I started writing this long explanation to how that’s possible, but then it got pretty boring, so let me just say this. Imagine that your semester long class was crushed into half a semester. They call these half semesters blocks. Imagine that your finals are at midterms. Imagine that while you have these half-semester block classes, you also have classes that run all semester long, and both are going on simultaneously.

Bam. That’s my situation in a nutshell.

And I’m not going to complain, because this system works quite well. The only problems I’ve had with it is that certain classes–specifically 3D design or any programming and Flash/Actionscript classes–tend to have a bigger workload than I can handle in our seven allotted weeks.

As a result, toward midterms (my finals), I find myself spending day after day in the labs trying to hammer our my projects. For one particularly infamous class, I spent the last three weeks of the block doing 30 to 20 hours of lab per project. PER PROJECT. THERE WERE THREE PROJECTS YOU GUYS I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE.

So anyway, comparatively, this block hasn’t been so bad. I’m only spending 15 hours in labs per project. Ha, hah. And I can handle that–I can. I pack myself a lunch (and dinner), plug into Pandora, take frequent breaks to watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (which ROCKS but is ending soon which makes me sad). And then I stay there until the labs close at 10:30pm. At which point I go home, get up the next morning, and do it all over again.

I can handle that.

What’s been driving me crazy this particular semester is that our teacher goofed and thought we had a whole extra week that we didn’t. So he extended the deadline, which was nice of him. He extended it through our entire break week, which was not so nice. And even after working all through break week, I’m still not done, which absolutely sucks.

You guys, this is the final THAT REFUSES TO DIE. I totally had a plan. The plan involved this model being done last week.

The plan has failed, and all the other things I planned for this week–writing, prepping for some cool author interviews, and, ahem, BLOGGING–have been smushed aside.

So I have nothing for you except the promise of real writing posts to come soon.

And also, virtual chocolate. Because no kvetching is complete without virtual chocolate.


Truly and always and wish me luck!

-Creative A



*College By the Sea is not really the name of my college. It’s actually a bit of a joke, because when I was looking for colleges and apartments, Google Maps deceived me and said College By the Sea was only half an hour away from the bay, and only an hour away from the ocean. I got excited and started nicknaming it College By the Sea–until I discovered, no, it’s more like two and a half hours from the ocean, and that the bay doesn’t have any good beaches. So now the joke is on me and I still call it College By the Sea, and that totally just rhymed. (Unintentionally.)

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