Amnesia Spring

Dear Spring,
Are you sure
You’re feeling quite all right?
The doctor told me
You had a fight with Winter
And bumped your head
And got amnesia
We’re all so worried
Summer sends her regards
She asked me to ask you
If it’s coming back
The memories
Do you remember?
Warm days, fresh air?
Nobody can make the birds
Sing quite like you do
The doctor said
You should try
He said don’t worry, it will
Come back in due time
But I still wanted to check in
Even Winter said he’s sorry
We all thought maybe
A visit would do you good
Thaw those hard edges
A bit, maybe,
Loosen up the memories

I suppose I should go now
But I will see you tomorrow,
Same time, I believe?
And we all hope you
Feel better soon

Your dear friend,

-the Sun



© Amanda Smith, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Please do not copy or reproduce without permission.




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