Untimely Updates

Hello, world! As I write this post, I’m lying on a blanket amongst the lush green grass classic of New York…and I’m totally, 100% sick. Headache. Cough. Stuffy nose. Constant napping.

I’m pretty much useless.

But hey! A girl can still listen to Writing Excuses and blog about her misfortunes, right?

Actually, the only thing I’m much good at right now is the listening to Writing Excuses bit; my brain can’t seem to hold onto thoughts long enough to blog concisely about much of anything. (Case in point: I just tried to spell concisely as “concisively,” and then had to double-check my spelling on “concise” before I figured it out. Bleh!)

And the thing is, I had this whole post I’d been working on! Where, you know, I announced that I’d successively (succise-vly?) moved back to New York, that Things Were Happening, that I was Writing Again, all that jazz. And I really wanted to launch a couple new regular posts, like maybe a weekly Pinterest inspiration thing and possibly even a What’s Up Wednesday. Goodness knows I should be back to blogging by now. It’s been three weeks!

But meh. There was an awful lot of catching up to do in those three weeks. Besties to hang with. Boxes to unpack and shove into corners for organization later. Gardens to play in. (Honesty moment: my garden is about the only thing I’ve really caught up on. It’s gorgeous and half-mulched and yayyy.)


Point being.

In summary:

I wanted to blog about all the things, because I know I’m behind, but it’s just not happening in my sick-muddled state. Real posts coming soon. I can’t wait to catch up, to stop being sick, to get to play more in this weather, and get back to writing. But for now…

Here’s some Pinterest inspiration.
Tee hee ❤