A More Timely Update On Summer, Projects, and Stuff

Today is Friday.

98 degrees out in the sun; a bit cooler in the shade.

There’s an old beagle laying next to me on the grass.

Ooop–she just ran off to bark at cows. Did I mention that? There are cows in the field now. WOOP WOOP.

And this has been my life, currently, friends; old beagles and gardening and working at a garden shop and lying outside on a blanket in the grass, trying to blog, trying to get over this fligajisbit cold, so I can have a little more energy to garden and work, and a bit more brain power to write.

I managed one day of writing before the cold hit.


(*I swear I don’t normally complain this much.)

It was a glorious day, though; I hammered out 1,500 words of WIP (which is Shutterbug, by the way. I hope it hasn’t been so long that I have to remind you. But I’m going to do it anyway?)

Anyway. Le sigh. Le PHOO. My big homecoming plans have been a little off, it seems. Certain parts are in order–I wanted to dive into my gardening. Check. The garden (all flowers, tee hee) looks gorgeous, and I accomplished one of the 72billion major rehaul projects I plan to do in it. You know, before the cold hit. I wanted to finalize the job application process and start working–check. I got the job! I worked my first couple days! I have more lined up! New Boss was even understanding about the cold. Joy all around.

But then there’s other bits. Like the video project I hashed out during finals, and finished with unsatisfactory results, that I wanted to rip back apart and redo it all properly this time.

Has that happened? No. Haven’t touched it. Have barely even wanted to. This makes me sad. I was so MOTIVATED before, and it’s such an awesome project, and, darnit! I want to see it done right! This is Important To Me!

But having graduated and moved back to NY means that I no longer have access to the lovely processors and speedy editing software from school. Now I only have my slow, begrudging laptop. It’s like downgrading from an excavator to a shovel. I can still make progress…if I work really hard…and am willing to spend three months on the thing.

Which I am. Just not yet. Because, meh.

Then there is the other video project, Secret Video Project, which I started working on last December and might try to jumpstart again this winter. (Why winter? It’s a winter film, that’s why.) Basically this is my opportunity to Be Prepared. I have a whole summer (whole summer, ha ha) to write the script, organize props and and sets, and maybe even get a few sponsors. That would be nice. Being Prepared is always nice.

Just not always realistic.

Then there is writing. (Monthly short story challenge! Which I am doing with my siblingkins, and which is coming along fabulously, but which I had to stop during finals and now I’ve lost some of my motivation for that as well.) And then of course, the WIP! Which I love and miss and had all these plans to really start digging into! And THEN there’s Mirrorpass, the old WIP which has been on a weird submission hiatus while I try to think about where to go next. (I got some really positive feedback…but compared to the stats on people whose books got picked up by agents, the submission stats just weren’t positive enough. I got some valuable suggestions on possible reasons and fixes for this. The trick is, do I think MP still has a chance? Ought I keep submitting? Ought I do some editing first? How major would that editing be? What if that conflicts with Shutterbug, then should I still do it? This is the “Taking a good hard look” stage. Basically, I need perspective. But time is coming soon to make a decision. I can’t just let MP rot in limbo land.)

But back to Shutterbug, which IS my WIP and which IS the most important writing project on my plate right now. See, I have been thinking long and hard about my career as a writer. Obviously I was hoping Mirrorpass would launch it. That is still a possibility. But I’ve also thought about the realistic side of a writing career…you know…the part that involves, like, money. And paying back student loans. And how to make that feasible.

For a long time now I’ve had this idea that being an author will most definitely mean working some kind of job. And doing that for quite a while. Which is cool with me. I’ve worked, and I’ve not worked  (cough, been unemployed cough cough) before, and one thing I’ve learned about myself is this: I need people. I don’t need a LOT of people, and I don’t need parties or events or activities to keep me entertained. But I do need to get out and about. I need experiences, and I need fresh thoughts, and I need social interaction to keep me cheerful, and sane, and full of interesting things to write about.

So I’ve decided a job would be good for me. Even when/if/someday I have the money to write all the time and not work outside of that.

But how, then? How does one manage having a job and writing? I don’t know. I’ve never done it. This is probably a skill I should acquire soon.

So I had/have hopes that this summer would be my training ground. I am working a part time job at a garden/flower shop/farm, which I love. And my idea was to take my non-garden shop days and turn them into professional writing days. Drive to the nearest coffee shop. (Which, alas, is now Panera Breads, which is half an hour away.) (Note that I LOVE Panera Breads but they are busssssy and sometimes I feel bad for buying a single coffee and staying for eight hours and did I mention they’re a half hour away? Gas money. Budgeting! Adult stuff, blegh.)


That was the goal. The plan. The schedule. Learn how to write like a professional writer would, so that if/when things happen, you’ll be ready.

Also, finish Shutterbug.

I’m actually quite excited about this. But except for that one day of 1,500 words, it’s been two–almost three now!–months of packing and finals chaos since I’ve written.

Which is okay. Shutterbug has been that kind of novel. Wait for two months, write like a maniac for two weeks. Wait some more. Write some more. Cool.

But the longer you wait between writing sessions, the harder it is to start again. And I haven’t been particularly motivated. What worked on that 1,500 word day was noodling…listening to the playlist, poking through my Pinterest board (which has swelled ginormously. My Shutterbug Pinterest board has, like, over 300 pins in it. *Huggles Pinterest*) and then, whenever I eked up enough inspiration, typing up a few paragraphs in the Shutterbug doc.

This worked okay. What was even better was the following day, when Shutterbuggy thoughts swirled through my head. I was excited! Maybe this was it! Maybe!…

And then I got sick. Good feelings gone.

So, okay. I’m getting better. The cold has to end sometime, so long as I rest. (And boy am I good at resting.) And that single writing day, while short lived, felt so darn GOOD that I’m now a teensy bit more motivated to try again.

So I’m hopeful. And excited.

And, PHEW. That’s probably more than anyone wanted to know about all my projects, but it feels good to have finally blabbed it out.

What about you guys? I invite blabbing in the comments! Have you done a WIP update post recently? Feel free to link back! I feel like I’ve been out of the loop, so come pester me 🙂 What are all of your guys’ summer plans?

Truly and always,


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