Why no one comments anymore

The other day, when a friend tweeted a link to her newest blog post, my urge was to respond right there on twitter, knowing I never feel like commenting on blogs anymore. And that stopped me. Because a comment is a comment, right? And yet it was so much easier to comment via twitter than her blog.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, because bloggers have been complaining for a while now about the dearth of comments. Certain blogs seem to do okay, like Nathan Bransford’s blog, and the Pub Crawl ladies, but most suffer the same thing. Even on my own blog I’ve noticed people will often click “like” over posting a comment.

So of course everyone is wondering why. Yeah, it’s a pain, but didn’t it always used to be a pain? Even more so at one point, when you had to fill out all the captcha boxes that would fail to load properly and complicate it further.

But I think back then, when I examine my own behavior, I was more hungry to be heard. I had Important Thoughts and I wanted to share them. Also, I admired other authors more, craved their interaction more. Building my readership and networking with other bloggers was a lot more vital to me than it is now. At least, it felt more vital.

Now I’ve chilled out a bit. Readers come with time, I realize, and since I’m blogging more about the things I enjoy, the emphasis is off getting other people’s responses–I already know I liked what I blogged about. The right folks will, too.

And I think we were all more hungry back then. Blogging peaked, what, five years ago? Three? The whole thing had exploded. We were all eager to jump on the exciting new thing that was happening. Publishers were encouraging authors to blog and start blogs, and starting to dump more of the promotion responsibilities on authors.

Now…I think we’ve all chilled out a bit, not just me. People realized they didn’t like blogging. Or that too much blogging made them burn out. Tons of people burned out. People realized it was easier to tweet 160 characters or less than blog 800 words or less.

Those are my thoughts, but what about you guys? Feel free to comment. Or not 🙂 But for those of you brave adventure types who dare to comment anyway…what motivated you to do it?

Mandy out!


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