The Blog Hiatus Nears its End

Hello world ❤ You look lovely today. How you doing? Feeling lovely? Feeling a bit summery? Hectic/busy/tired?

So we finally have our internet back. Which is YAYYY! Getting our internet back, though, happened to coincide with the same week I start job training at my second job in the middle of fair week. Which means everyone in the fam is running, extra-including me; in fact, I’m writing this post in between two shifts of a 9 hour day. And I have things Friday. And things Saturday. And things Sunday. I never have things Sunday*

Sooooooo. I decided it would be insanely ridiculous of me to try and blog in the middle of this. (Even though I have So! Many! Posts! I want to do now that we have our New! Shiny! Internet! back.) And I’ve been on unofficial blog hiatus anyway. It won’t kill me to abstain for another week or so.

Le sigh, internet friends. Le sigh.

Truly and always and ramming,





*Besides church things. Sunday is for church things 🙂



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