Creative Saturdays: Announcing the Multimedia Challenge

Hello world!

I’ve got two announcements today, and they’re both in the title of this post, but neither is terribly self-explanatory, sooo…

Announcement number one! I’m starting a new blog series. A possibly/hopefully more REALISTIC blog series. Saturdays are typically the first opportunity I’ll have had this week to be creative. That includes blogging, along with a bunch of other stuff I do–from web design to writing to cooking to crafting. So I wanted to try and use Saturdays to sort of talk about whatever I’ve been working on that particular Saturday, or in the past week. I might share results: I might say, man, I’m being so lazy right now, but I really want to work on X. But at the very least I’ll be discussing something.

I’m excited about this! Because I’ve had a really hard time blogging lately. I have thought of blog-worthy topics. I have done blog-worthy stuff. I have even started writing the posts. I have even FINISHED writing the posts BUT NOT POSTED THEM because I finished the post at midnight, and does that paragraph need editing? Yes? No? I’m too bleary-brained to tell, and then the post gets lost in the rest of my busy week.

I’m thinking this new blog series will help with some of that, making the posts more immediate and the content more relevant 🙂

Announcement number two! And this one is a tad more self-explanatory. I’m starting a challenge–the Multimedia Challenge–which I am super darn flippity excited about, BECAUSE, it means doing more of the projects I always want to do but feel too nervous/out of the game/uncertain to do.

My self-imposed rules of the multimedia challenge are these: Once a month I’m going to pick a concept, like a video or a photoshoot or an Illustrator design, and I’m going to create it. Fiction is not the focus here. The focus is taking some of the stories in my head, the ones that don’t work so well in fiction, and getting them out–into a video, a themed photoshoot, a crazy illustration. Getting. Them. OUT.

Because stories will drive you crazy, have you ever noticed that? Have you ever lain awake at night staring at the ceiling, utterly unable to sleep because you have not created the thing that is plaguing your waking moments? They’re fantastic and awful and rather excruciating if you don’t get them down somehow.

Last spring (!!!) I created a short film for my video class, my first true narrative short film ever. And it was incredible. It was super tricky and stressful in a lot of ways, and I also over-reached myself a bit: I still can’t post the thing, because of all the special effects it requires, and how slow my computer is. Le sigh/rawr. But I loooooooved shooting the film. I realized how many other films I could shoot. I was ready. I wanted to go. Nothing could stop me.

I haven’t shot a single film since.

And guys…this makes me really sad. I loved it. I forced myself to continue working on the special effects to that film before giving myself any new projects (which was wise.) But, eventually, that became less effective. I realized I needed to give myself room to make these projects AND share them. I also realized that portfolios don’t create themselves. I need practice. Photography? Illustration? Not my strongest suits. If I want to start making stuff, it has to happen now.

The challenge started today. I wasn’t prepared to shoot the video I (wanted) to film, so I did a photoshoot idea that’s been niggling at me instead.

The challenge: dramatic themed photoshoot, all self-portraits.
The theme: a welder’s mask I picked up in Delaware. (For five bucks. The propmaster within me says win.)
The location: a stand of sumacs.
The results…






hashtag dramatic face. Cough cough.


I’m like 75% really proud of this and 25% percent objectively critical, but then if I think about it suddenly I’m 100% percent dreeping embarrassed. Eeeep. Be gentle!

Truly and always and multimedia crazy,


I’m on my way, I’m on…

Hey. I am in the middle of WRITING, so this will be brief. I just wanted to pop in and share the song that’s been playing in the back of my head all day. It’s a beautiful, brief song, just aching at the seams with yearning and regret and trying. Right now I’m writing the chapters where my MCs Mirelle and Toby are finally together and gah, it’s so painful and happy and sweet.

*Note that I wrote those chapters already. I didn’t like them. Instead of being painful and happy-crush and sweet, they were all, awkward and angry and tense. So I scrapped them (mostly) and am starting over (mostly) and am writing in these delicious little blobs that mean I daydream about Shutterbug all day at work, and come home to write at night. Which is slow. But working.

//End novel update. Back to the song. If you need something to just shut your eyes and listen to, and possibly even shake new emotion loose, this is the one.


My tears are becoming the sea, lyrics

I’m slowly drifting to

The stars and the planets
Are calling me

A billion years away
From you

I’m on my way
I’m on…
I’m on…