Happy (Nerdy) Valentines

So I know a lot of people consider Valentines to be a holiday all about romance, but where I come from, it’s just a good day to hang out with the besties and family and anyone else awesome. But because I’m so good at the epic fail, it’s also the day my blog launch contest ends.

Um. Yeah. Planned that one well.

So! Today! Last day to enter the contest! I’m off to hang with one of the aforementioned people of awesome, so check out the contest, and enjoy your Valentines Day!


Truly and always,




Contest Extension

Hey y’all.

So this announcement is pretty self-explanatory, I think, but I’m going to elaborate upon it because, well, explanations always make me feel better. So the deal is this: my brain has been pretty absent lately. This semester is insane, not necessarily in difficulty level, but in the level of busyness and distraction. I keep forgetting which day it is. I’m behind on homework. I’ve been canceling things left and right just to keep up with the scramble. So it sort of occurred to me that Thursday is a terrible day for me to end the contest as I’m away from home all day that day. Unfortunately that didn’t occur to me until now, because I’ve been so brainless.

snailed it

So! Good news is, I’m extending the contest until next Thursday (the 14th) because, hopefully, I’ll be a little more sane by then. (Hah. Hah. Hah.) I will continue to post fun content during the length of the contest and you guys can continue to rack up more entries and hopefully we can all find our brains somewhere in the middle of it. Full Contest Details Here!

Okay. That’s all I got. I leave you now with the Credible Hulk. Happy Tuesday!

the credible hulk