Gradumacation, And Other Recent Things



So world, how has everyone been? Are you writing? Are you busy? Are you writing?

Did I ask that already?

I’ve been pretty brainless lately. An interesting result is that I’ve learned people are generally sympathetic of brainlessness. They’re quite impressed with my cavalier attitude, my cheerfulness about my mistakes (what great coping mechanisms you have, Mandy.) That is, until I do something stupid enough to mess them up. And suddenly my brainlessness is No Longer Acceptable and How Could You Mandy, That Was Very Bad, Serious Repercussions Angry Face!

Because I am still cheerful, you see, and it drives the normal people batty.


haters gonna hate


These are my coping mechanisms.


Three more weeks, and the brainlessness-inducing chaos should be over. Three major events have coincided–finals, moving, and graduation–and everything else, including writing, has been pretty much shelved. The good news is that I’m quite enjoying the work I’m doing for finals. In the one class I have to design a portfolio website, and I just had a huge breakthrough there, so that’s awesome. And for the other class I’ve been shooting a film, and we just finished the last major shoot yesterday, and I have the final scene to shoot tomorrow. So that is excellent.

As for moving craziness, half my apartment has already been shipping back home. So I have the two final week of classes to pack up the rest of my stuff and do all my cleaning before I graduate and my family comes down to help me move out.

Busy busy busy!

But grateful. And enjoying it as much as I can. The weather this past month has been gorgeous, and I’ve started exercising again, which feels about thirty times better than I could have imagined. And although I had to set Shutterbug aside since the beginning of March–which I hated to do, but otherwise I knew I’d go insane trying to write and do everything else–it has given me some free moments to have fun playing around with other novels I know aren’t good enough to write for real, yet, but are a lot of fun to play with, and keep my creative side stimulated.

As a result I have been a smorgasbord of mini creative projects and progress lately. This makes me happy, even if I have been brainless.

That said? I can’t wait to pick Shutterbug up again. Two months+ is too long. I miss my main characters.


That’s all for me. What have you guys been up to?


Truly and always and brainless,