Mirrorpass Excerpt 1

In this scene, Aria is on the run from a group of men who’ve cornered her against a window overlooking a hanger. If Aria can get into the hanger, she might be able to get away. Unfortunately, her two friends (Samma and Takkie) are trapped below. More about MIRRORPASS here.


* * *


“It’s time to give this up,” the watcher said. “You have a choice here. Don’t be a fool.”

Aria flushed. She thought about everything Samma and Takkie had done for her, how Takkie had tried to warn her that day by the watercourse, how they’d never escape without her help. She would not give up on them. Not now. Not let it end this way.

Quickly she placed both hands up to the glass and vibed a single, rebellious emotion. “No.”

It was foolish; it was freedom. She could risk being a fool, but never, never a prisoner. She refused.

The vibrations filled her skull and chest and teeth, until it felt like her skin was peeling off the bone and her bones were melting. The glass popped, splintering in a million lightning-patterns away from her hands.

“What are you doing?” The watcher’s voice rose with suspicion. “Stop. Stop it now.”

Aria ignored him. She dredged up images of the mutated Sphereside crewman, thought of becoming his haunted shell of a body, of staying in that limbo forever. She thought of the breeze she wouldn’t feel, the night sky that she wouldn’t see; stars leaving her, never to return.

She thought of Zaire.

You left me behind. I won’t be left again.

Her eyes burned with tears.

Not again.

Not. This. Time.

The glass hissed, spiderweb filaments appearing as long as her arm, longer, crackling white until the lines from both palms met, and a sliver of glass exploded free. Aria recoiled. Her ears rang, and her teeth burned, but she’d broken the glass.

She arched her wings.

“No.” The watcher advanced. “I said stop!”

Aria whirled, beating her wings in a great arc that forced everyone back against the wall. Quickly she turned to the window. Swiveling the blade of her scales outward, she reared back, and hit the glass. Throb. The window swayed, cracks spreading, a few more chunks of crystal falling outward. Again. THROB. She sliced down this time, and huge lines of glass crumbled free, while the window swayed like a thick curtain in its frame.

An escort darted. She sidestepped, knocked him off his feet with a swinging strut. Aria sucked in a breath, faced the window, and swung once more.

The whole window shattered outward, leaving her standing in the middle of a void. Far below, glass hit the hanger floor and disintegrated in a beautiful spray. Everyone below recoiled in delayed time. Aria looked for Todd, and couldn’t find him. But the hanger door was wide open.

“Thank you Todd,” she whispered. “I’ll always remember you.”

In her peripheral, she saw the watcher lunge.

Aria pointed her wings, tucked up her legs, and dove.


* * *


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