Writing Music — Make This Go On Forever by Snow Patrol

So I have been a huge fan of Snow Patrol since the very first time I began making playlists for my WIPs, and I added “Somewhere a Clock is Ticking” to the mix. That was when I realized how epic Snow Patrol could be. Their songs are just so immersive. Love them.

This particular Snow Patrol song is so moody and full of longing and powerful. It’s been out for a bit, I believe? But it’s one of those that you forget you knew. And then you hear it again. And you just stop for a minute to close your eyes and listen.


Truly and always,




Writing Music – Get Up, Get Up, Get Up by Barcelona

This song, you guys. This song gives me some crazy SHUTTERBUG feels. I’ve been doing a lot of climax brainstorming lately–and wrapping up the end of Act 2–so I’m getting all jittery and excited, ready to take the plunge into the good stuff.

On top of that? Midterms end soon, meaning I get three days of my week back, meaning I get three new writing days.