Once, a long time ago, Aria had dreamed the sky would catch her if she fell. She imagined that if she released her hold on the world, it would wrap her in a sun-streaked embrace, and she’d be saved.

Eleven years of Academic training and a series of tragedies later, Aria no longer held such beliefs. She knew exactly what would happen if she fell near the Pass. The sky would drop her like a careless promise. The Pass would reach to entangle her wings in electrical currents. The stars would sing, and the Pass would swallow her whole.

Which is why she had no intention of falling.


MIRRORPASS is a 90,000 word YA light Sci-Fi currently out on submission to agents. When Aria falls through a one-way portal called the “Pass” and finds herself on Earth, she discovers her long-lost twin brother may still be alive. This is her chance to rescue Zaire, solve the mystery of the Pass, and bring them both home. But the humans who exploited Zaire in the past are after Aria now. And without the crystal that links Zaire’s soul to hers, Aria might not be able to save them both in time.

Are you an interested agent? For a query and sample pages, please feel free to email me at headdeskforwriters (at) gmail (dot) com.



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The teasers…are coming soon.


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