Genre: YA Magical Realism
Status: Drafting
Wordcount: 82,000
Words left (est):  40,000
End goal wordcount: 85,000 (meep)


There was a girl. She could turn invisible and walk through walls, but she belonged nowhere, and knew no one.

There was a boy. He coaxed her out of hiding. He called her his friend.

Nine years ago, they were separated . She can’t remember why; all he knows is she disappeared one day and never came back. Now sixteen-year-old Toby McCleary is out to find the mysterious disappearing girl of his childhood, following the only clues he’s got: a trail of pictures in an old camera, a Mafia boss, an abandoned theater. A cold-case murder that remains unsolved.

And somewhere in their wintry city, there’s a girl with no name and no clear memories, waiting to be found.

Think “Peter Pan” meets “500 Days of Summer.” Add the Italian mafia, a cold city, and first love, and you’ve got the modern day magical realism that is Shutterbug Meets (Invisible) Girl.

Hey guys! Shutterbug is my current work-in-progress, and if you liked the blurb, feel free to check out some of these extras:


The Youtube playlist
The Pinterest board
The definition:

Magical realism as a genre has a couple key features. It’s always set in the ordinary world, our world. It always includes at least one extraordinary element. But the way you treat that extraordinary element is what separates it from fantasy–you accept it on faith, without ever getting an explanation. It just is. That final element seems to be what consistently defines magical realism.


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