I miss the silence

Doors slam.
Cars peel away.
The coffee hisses, forgotten.
The house goes quiet again,
As everyone noisily parts ways
And the silence is enjoyed by no one.
Just the house, sighing
Shifting weight.
Cracking knees.

And the dogs in the hallways
Heads on their paws
Listening to the phone
As it rings.
And it rings.
And it rings.

original work copyrighted 2013 by Mandy Smith.

please do not reprint without permission.

Blog hiatus is ALMOST OVER. I jotted this poem down this morning trying to capture the sense of frustration I had about the noisy, busy, wild mornings and how quickly they terminated, how little time I had before I had to become one of the people peeling away in the cars to my noisy job. I do love this new job, but overtime last week plus loss of last weekend plus working straight all this week, well…I am pretty desperate for some quiet. Haven’t had a chance to write in weeks and I haven’t worked on any web design projects in over a month! Am so very, very ready for this Saturday.

But there. Enough complaining 🙂 What about you all? Been as busy as me, or are you enjoying some downtime, for once?


Truly and always and wistfully poetic,